Personal Banking

Personal Banking

Open up a Personal Current Account with Kush Bank today to use for access of your money anytime, better management, free financial advisory, planning and even a loan based on your account status.


Open up a Salary Account with Kush Bank today into which your salary is directly deposited for better management, free financial advisory, planning and even a loan based on your account status.

This same account ensures your eligibility for a salary based loan subject to approval of your employer by the bank.


Open up a Personal Savings Account with Kush Bank today to start earning interest on all your savings. You could also get access to loans using the same account. This account also provides you with the benefit of seeking basic advisory services from us about how best you can manage your finances.

Kush bank provides you with overdraft facilities that give you the opportunity to borrow against your current account thus using the same account for your daily transactions while getting the necessary borrowing some extra cash to cover any unplanned expenses always against agreement of credit limits with the bank.

Your cost is calculated against only the portion of the overdraft you used. These accounts have a lot of advantages and please contact us at your earliest convenience.


In order to effectively serve the steadily increasing clientele whose demands vary and many times require international banking services Kush Bank has established a wide network of International correspondent banks to work with and has dedicated SWIFT code to ease business on global level conveniently.


Personal Borrowing

Don’t make your dreams wait. Apply for a salary loan from Kush Bank today and fulfill them. This loan facility could also help you during those trying times when you need that extra money short term as well. Kush Bank provides fast yet low interest Salary based loans anytime.  We always provide you with solutions because your success is our pride.

For eligibility details and application guidance, you can come to any of our branches and talk to one of our staff members. To open up a Kush Bank Account, download fill and bring the appropriate form . Click here to download form.


Apply today for a student loan with low interest rates to enable you pay for tuition, living expenses, buy text books and do much more. This loan enables students who experience financial constraints to pursue their studies and make payments at a later time that is convenient to them or their guardians.

Let Kush Bank pay while you concentrate on your education. Please contact us for more information regarding your eligibility, application criteria, payment and other terms.


Do you have a special scheme that needs that money which you do not have? Is it a project that is new and hard to get a loan from other lenders?

With the consent of your employer, you may qualify to get financing for that home/car/Machine you dream of and repay comfortably based on favourable periodical payments.

Do not wait.

We provide clients who have collateral to secure loans for business purposes and conveniently pay when it is most convenient.

Our interest rates are very competitive and terms of payment flexible.


Those clients who have stood with us for long and have proven track records of reliability and creditworthiness qualify and could apply and unsecured loans at reasonable rates.