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Need capital for a start-up or expansion? How about funds to buy property or additional inventory? We can finance your company’s needs so you can take your business to the next level. We understand what it takes to manage a successful business. That’s why we offer small business loans for the established business owner. Financing for business loans is provided by professionals who understand the challenges and opportunities your business faces, they’ll match you to the loan product that meets your unique needs best.
With competitive rates of interest and repayment terms, our business loans can provide funding for your business expenses. Kush bank provides several Trade Finance packages to clients who are well established but need financing to expand their operations as well as those who are just starting.
These products are custom developed to suite independent client needs depending on their capacity, plans and other considerations. At Kush Bank, we’ve taken the hassle out of the application process. You’ll appreciate our fast approval process and friendly, personal service.

Corporate Current Accounts

We have set up a division that is different form retail and consumer platforms to cater for the Corporate clients whose interests and demands vary. We listen, understand and develop service solutions that enable these clients handle their financial issues more smoothly. This type of account is most suitable for Corporate entities for both independent and wholesome services

Cash Management
Cash Management Services
We offer project financing
Cash Transfers
Get access to safe and secure money transfer services
Underwriting services

Corporate Term Loans

Open up a deposit account with us and benefit from our attractive interest rates and business terms. You may bank your money with us for optional period options ranging from 3, 6 months, one year up to ten years.
The longer you commit to keep your money with us the more you benefit yet you could still use that account for negotiated short term capitalization and overdraft facilities. This account is also known as term deposit.
If you have some money which you may not need but could save now open an account with us today and join the many clients who make high interest on their cash deposits and look at it grow.
These accounts help you save while earning interest.


Corporate Overdrafts

Kush bank provides you with overdraft facilities that give you the opportunity to borrow against your current account thus using the same account for your daily transactions while getting the necessary borrowing some extra cash to cover any unplanned expenses always against agreement of credit limits with the bank.
Your interest is calculated against only the portion of the overdraft you used. These accounts have a lot of advantages and please contact us at your earliest convenience.


Ziraha Solutions

Our objective is to support/facilitate farmers increase production, create value and access markets. We work with other partners/investors and facilitate payments on their behalf at remote location.

SME Banking

Kush Bank is committed to providing you with financial solutions that are customised to enable you achieve your objectives.
Benefits include:

1. No minimum balance fee

2. Freedom of unlimited transactions

3. Online Banking facility

4. FREE Internet Banking

5. FREE SMS Banking

6. FREE e-Statements
Open an SME Current Account today and get the convenience of accessing your money anytime. Contact us today for more details.

Whatever the assets you are interested in procuring, Kush Bank provides you with the appropriate asset finance to enable you get them whenever you require them.
All you have to do is open an account with us and talk to one of our friendly staff members.

With just over one year in business with a clientele spread all over the country, we find the need to offer services through well established and credible approved third party agents approved by the central bank in order to effectively provide some of our services to even the most remote places for countrywide coverage.
These agents are fully trained to provide the banking services professionally to the satisfaction of our clients within their locations like would be expected from Kush Bank. They enable Kush Bank extend services to clients without the need for them to visit any of our full branches which helps them save time and money.
Kush Bank is in the process of the partnering with Forex companies and other Micro-Finance companies, located in all States of South Sudan to facilitate transfer and payment on behalf of our customers with minimum charges subject to Central Bank Approval.
Please check this space for updates or contact us.

Other Services

Fixed Deposit Accounts
Fixed Deposit Accounts
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Payroll Management
Group Savings Accounts
Group Savings Accounts
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Cash Management