At Kush Bank, we offer several money transfer services described below

Our Money Transfer Services

Kush Customer transfers
Kush Bank offers secure and instant transfer to its customers at a very competitive fees.

You can transfer to other customers’ accounts in the same branch or customers in other branches instantly. The transfer can any currency and the fee is affordable and competitive.

Kush Tahwil
The bank offers secure and instant transfer to non-customer for any currency and to any branch or Kush Agents. You only need to provide sender;s and receiver’s identification and his/her contacts.
Field Cash services

  • Cash deliveries in the field offices/locations
  • Payment on behalf of organizations (salaries, redemption of vouchers, distribution of cash to beneficiaries and suppliers using biometric

International Remittance
In order to effectively serve the steadily increasing clientele whose demands vary and many times require international banking services Kush Bank has established a wide network of International correspondent banks to work with and has dedicated SWIFT code to ease business on global level conveniently.



Inter Bank


Active Clients

Our Field Cash Transfers are:

  • Secure
  • Cost effective
  • Fast