Humanitarian Cash Transfers

Kush Bank provides you several cash management services to cater for Personal, Corporate, Institutional or other bankers.

We have services that cater for cash pickup and delivery, cash airlifting services on top of the regular cash management services.

We also have developed and now offer Humanitarian Cash transfer services to cater for transfer of cash for NGO’s to hard to get or security sensitive locations.

Cash/ voucher Transfer

Kush recognizes logistical, operational and security challenges on cash delivery to the remote places where there are no financial institutions.

We also recognize Humanitarian/UN & Developmental organizations are keen of branchless banking services to make the cash transfer easy, accountable and timely to the beneficiaries.

To serve this segment partners with relevant partners and design electronic cash transfer and delivery services and mechanisms. More information please read our transfer framework.

 In addition to above, we also offer competitive terms for:

  • Unconditional cash;
  • Commodity vouchers;
  • Cash for Work
  • Cash for Assets

 Contact us for more details on how we handle each category of Cash service.